My Daily Drama – It's all about being a "Landlord"

I was in need of some venting so I thought, I have a blog so why not go for it.

First off, if anyone ever approaches you with the bright idea of “Hey, let’s build some rent houses!” – listen carefully – JUST. SAY. NO. Have you ever dealt with renters?

Being a landlord – is that word still used – is nothing new to me. I grew up watching and listening to my aunt as she collected rent and fussed at renters and replaced broken appliances, etc. It was not what I aspired to do when I grew up. But here I am. I am a landlady. I think I prefer landLORD.

We are building a little rental development. We currently have five cottages on a lane on a piece of property in a rural part of Louisiana. They are cute little houses. They are painted pastel colors and local people refer to them as the ice cream cottages.

People see the little cottages and want to live there. Then they proceed to trash them. I have come to the conclusion that there is a reason people rent. They can’t handle purchasing a house. They don’t know how to be owners. They need someone to come and fix what they break. I’m really disgusted at the moment.

We rented a brand spanking new house about three years ago to an older couple. They just bought a house and moved out. Hubby wanted me to go and take pictures of the mess they left behind. I really wish I had not gone. Holes in the back of doors, bi-fold doors off the tracks, tracks bent. A ginormous wasp nest inside the storm door because it is no longer sealed due to it being bent. Cabinets dirty with bugs. Window sills with bugs. Marks all over the walls. Gashes in the flooring. Mildew in the tub. And there’s more but I can’t bear to list all the things I found.

IMG_6016 IMG_6027 IMG_6029 IMG_6030 IMG_6066 IMG_6063 IMG_6043 IMG_6042 IMG_6041 IMG_6031

Why do people destroy property that does not belong to them and then leave it in such disgusting shape. It is going to take the cleaning crew at least two days to clean and sanitize this house. Then, probably another two weeks for Hubby to replace, rebuild, repair, and paint the house.

Remember – JUST. SAY. NO.

I had a few other dramas, but now they seem so trivial that I’ve forgotten them.