I am being featured…

Today is my birthday! Yes! Hard to believe it’s been 58 years since I was born. And what a wonderful surprise to find out that author Margaret Locke is featuring her interview with me on her blog today!

I invite you to pop over to her blog (follow the link below) and check out the interview and her books!

#ThrowItForward Thursday: Meet Donna McBroom-Theriot

I will posting an update on what’s been happening in my life in a little while. If you would like a preview of what’s to come, here it is!  After loads of online shopping and actual trips to Kansas (2,000 miles round trip) and then this past weekend to Chicago (another 2,000 miles) we purchased a houseboat! I am beyond excited! Not only to be getting the boat, but the fact I will no longer be looking cross-eyed due to searching online for the perfect boat. That means the post I did about finding the perfect fixer-upper in Kansas is null and void! We decided to look for something ready to go.

The second big event is that one of my beloved dogs decided to eat rat poison for a snack. Fortunately, Hubby found the container in the yard and we rushed both of my shepherds to the vet. Both are being treated as a precaution.

Yes, loads of stuff has been happening in my world so I hope you’ll be back!