Goin' see a man about a boat…

You will remember my first story in our search for the perfect houseboat (for us). We are looking for a fixer-upper because we have definite ideas about what we want the inside to look like and how we want it to function. We knew it would be a journey, I just wasn’t prepared for some of the things I would see and learn along the way.

If you’ve forgotten “The African Queen“, you can read about here – https://mylifeonestoryatatime.com/2015/08/05/what-happens-when-you-take-lucy-and-add-dennis-the-menace/

IMG_5164 IMG_4633

You’ll recall that boat didn’t even float! That was a bust and so we continued searching. Hubby said he found one that someone was hoping to sell and maybe we should take a ride out to see it. When Hubby said that this one was at least floating, I admit to feeling a bit more optimistic. Not accustomed to being on houseboats, and my only experience being the sunken treasure, this boat, while a little crudely put together, was a much better prospect. After thoroughly looking the boat over and lots and lots and lots of discussion on the way home and in the following days, we came to the agreement that this was not the boat we were in search for.

IMG_4801 IMG_4798 IMG_4808
IMG_4804 IMG_4800

And so, the search continues…