The Best Diet Begins in Your Mind by Dr. Sheila H. Forman – Review

The Best Diet Begins in Your Mind

Santa Monica, CA – If you begin your day intending to stick to a diet only to eat something you shouldn’t before noon, then it’s time to change course.

Dr. Sheila H. Forman, Ph.D., an acclaimed clinical psychologist, identifies the emotional obstacles that may be sabotaging your weight loss goals in this guidebook to finding a slimmer and happier you.

The crash course explains that there are two kinds of hunger— physical and emotional—and the secret to permanent weight loss is focusing on the latter. By understanding your own relationship with food and confronting bad habits that hold you back, you’ll be ready to stun friends, family, and yourself by losing the pounds you thought were there for good.

Throughout the book, you’ll find “About Me” sections where you can record insights, aha moments, and other thoughts about what you’ve just read and learned about yourself. Case studies about how others react to their emotions will show you that you are not alone.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, five pounds overweight or a hundred pounds overweight—you can shed pounds with The Best Diet Begins in Your Mind.

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Author Sheila H. Forman, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist specializing in weight issues. She is also a university professor, radio talk show host, media psychologist and lawyer. She is the author of Do You Use Food to Cope? A Comprehensive 15-Week Program for Overcoming Emotional Overeating and Self-Fullness: The Art of Loving and Caring for Your ‘Self.’

My Review – 

I am still in the process of reading this book, but I like what I see so far. It is well written with down to earth understandable English. The author gets straight to the point and I like that.

One of the things you learn in the book is how to tell if you are physically or emotionally hungry. And that is what we all need to figure out and then we need to make a conscious choice to only eat when we are physically hungry, not emotionally starved.

We’ve all been hungry. You know that gnawing feeling in your gut that tells you it’s time to eat. Or is it? Are you truly hungry, or would you just like to eat something? True hunger, the kind that alerts you to the physiological needs of your body, is physical in nature. The hunger that leads to just wanting to eat is emotional. A common problem among people trying to lose weight is the inability to distinguish between these two hungers. Physical hunger is real hunger. It’s your body’s message to your mind that it (your body) needs fuel to function. Physical hunger is biological. It is the primal survival mechanism that keeps us alive…Emotional hunger is pseudohunger. It has nothing to do with physical survival. Emotional hunger is your mind’s desire to eat when you are feeling an uncomfortable emotion. It is your mind’s way of coping with that emotion and getting it to go away. Since this type of hunger is not related to your body’s physical needs, it creates a scenario for excess calories to be consumed, which, of course, lead inevitably to weight gain (or, if you are dieting, to a failure to lose weight). The key to dealing with emotional hunger is learning to identify the emotion you are feeling and to address it in a constructive, healthy manner.

If you recognize that your desire to eat is emotional rather than physical, you are at a crossroads. This moment is the time you can take control of your eating and get on the path to permanent weight loss. Now you have the chance to exercise choice.

This is a book that I definitely want to finish reading. What I’ve read so far makes sense and I think the author is on to something big.

Rating to come.

Available in PaperbackKindle


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