Lucy, meet Ethel. Ethel, meet Lucy. Let the adventures begin.

Today I had an appointment with a nutritionist and it wasn’t about my Southern cooking – or maybe it was. I am trying to lose some weight. There! I said it! I am putting it out there. I must say that is it is a little scary doing that. I need accountability and maybe this will give it to me.

It’s not that we do not eat healthy, we do. It is more that I do not eat enough to get my metabolism going, and therein lies the problem. You can be overweight from eating too much and also from not eating enough. I guess I have the easier job – I’m good with portion control rather than overeating.

I was quite pleased with my visit this morning and with the information I was given. I was able to talk about my different quirks and how to get around them. I am a very finicky eater. I have very sensitive taste buds (I can smell coconut surrounded by chocolate, although that tidbit has nothing to do with taste!) I am also texture sensitive.

I guess all of that goes along with being a rare person – the INTJ thing, the rare blood disorders, and the rare arthritis. I am just a rare person! Something I normally hear as Hubby is doing the eye-roll thing – normally after I’ve pulled a “Lucy”.

Anyway, getting back to the eating, or actually lack thereof, problem, the nutritionist was able to help put together the things I do eat in more healthy combinations so the fats and proteins, etc. work together for me. I also have to learn to eat, which I already knew. I am a drinker – thank goodness it’s milk I love and not vodka! I grab a glass of chocolate milk for breakfast, skip lunch if Hubby is not around and eat a light dinner in the evening – Not. Conducive. To. Losing. Weight.

So, the new plan is an egg on toast in the morning. Switch from 2% to 1% milk. Eat my boiled shrimp in a salad for lunch. Have a fruit and protein snack in the afternoon and a light, balanced dinner at night. In other words, EAT.

The nutritionist was really sweet. She has a blog and is Facebook and Instagram and I will put the links here for you. She posts nutritional recipes on her blog and there is one for a chocolate muffin – a healthy one. Everyone knows how much I LOVE my chocolate so I definitely plan on making muffins for breakfast every now and then.

So, there you have it. If any of you are on a journey like mine, I would love to hear from you. I could use the encouragement and I’ll be happy to encourage you right back! It’s the Southern way!

The blog link I promised –

Before I go, I will share my Lucy story of the day. You did know it was coming didn’t you!?

I made a trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday to pick up a couple of plastic 6″x6″ plastic containers to organize 6×6 inch papers – you knew that was coming! Turns out I needed another one so after my appointment I decided to do a quick search on Map Quest to see if there was one in the area. Sure enough, there w10402979_462642163908512_3717606659349812540_nas – and it was close by. This is where the Lucy episode comes in.

Map Quest had me turn left and head out of parking lot onto a side street and to the rear of the shopping center. Then I took a right and headed down the street to the rear until I came to a red light (or stop sign) and then I took another right. Hobby Lobby should have been up ahead somewhere on my left but I didn’t see it.

I pulled back into the parking lot I had just come out of (because that is where GPS took me) and sat and looked around. I finally spotted it next to the Home Depot. Why Map Quest didn’t just direct me across the parking lot I have no idea. Instead, I traveled completely around the line of stores and circled back around. I sat there stunned! I am not in the habit of naming things, but I think my navigation deserves a name and I have the perfect one – Ethel. Who better to join Lucy (me) on her adventures in the city but her cohort Ethel.