A Second Chance – The Publicist Book Four by Christina George – Review


Mac Ellis is never down for long but this time is proving to be a little more challenging. It’s been almost two years since he and Kate split up and Mac’s still wrestling with the guilt of breaking her heart.

Mac Ellis is a legend both in and out of the bedroom and when an amazing opportunity comes his way to head up a publishing company, Mac grabs it and restarts his career. As luck would have it, he and Kate wind up vying for the same title: A book that promises to be the biggest book of the year, maybe of a career.

Smart, sexy, and beautiful Sydney Montgomery is a top CIA operative. Some at the agency call her a savant, but the world, if they knew, would call her Wonder Women, because she brought down what could have been one of the biggest terrorist threats the country would have ever seen. Now Sydney is telling her story and Mac wants to publish her book, but Sydney has a secret and when Mac meets her, he realizes she is not at all what he expected.

Because love the second time around is always sweeter…

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Author Christina George – I’ve worked in publishing for twenty years (give or take). Here’s what this book isn’t. It’s not a slam against publishing (though it is broken) and it’s not a slam against authors (though some of them are crazy). This book is not autobiographical though many of the stories are true. No you won’t know which ones, hell it’s more fun to guess, right? I continue to work in publicity and help authors because at the end of the day I do love books, I love publishing, and I love authors. I hope you’ll enjoy this romp through Kate’s world as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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My Review – 

I have reviewed all of the books in the Publicist series and loved them all. Christina George writes from an insider’s view into the publishing world and incorporates those figures and antics in a romantic, back-biting series of books that will leave you wanting more each time you close a book.

The writing is fantastic and the characters are straight out of real life (figuratively speaking) and you fall in love with them. In the previous books you fall in love with Mac and when he is left with a broken heart, you cross your fingers and hope he eventually finds love.

Mac’s story was a great choice to end the series with and I find myself wanting to begin reading the books all over again. I am giving A Second Chance five stars. Christina is an excellent writer and her experience results in a well-crafted read.

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