And ya gotta go up if ya wanna go down…

Living on the bayou is not always easy. Who am I kidding? It’s rarely easy. When you need something, it’s either up the bayou or down the bayou and far away!

IMG_4118Take this morning for instance. Hubby decided to start screening in the porch. You would know that he needed more screen and it was me who had to go and pick up another role so he and his helper could continue working. As you will frequently find, a bridge will be closed leaving you with no choice but to continue heading either up or down the bayou for the next open bridge.

That happened this morning. So, instead of a quick trip to the farm market, it was an extended trip to the farm market – many miles out of the way. Then, on the way back, the bridge I needed to cross was open so I had to sit in the turning lane on a narrow road as 18-wheelers and cars zoomed past me on both sides. It was nerve-wracking to say the least. The one good thing is that the employees at the store know my hubby and my merchandise was waiting for me once I arrived. IMG_4117IMG_4116IMG_4113IMG_4112IMG_4111IMG_4110