Against the Tide by Kat Martin – Review, Guest Post

Against-the-Tide(300x500)Secrets—and safety—melt under a midnight sun…

Liv Chandler is running for her life, and the cops haven’t been able to do a thing to help. But there’s one man who makes her feel safe, no matter what…rugged charter boat captain Rafe Brodie.

To Rafe, Liv is a beautiful mystery, one he can’t ignore. He means to unearth her secrets, and in the process, if luck is on his side, maybe the spark between them will ignite.

But Liv’s past is more dangerous than Rafe could guess, and when his first mate turns up dead, she fears that she’s next. That there’s something else coming she can’t see. That even Rafe and the remote village of Valdez, Alaska can’t protect her forever…

My Review –

I am a fan of Kat Martin no doubt about it. Her books bring just enough intrigue, mystery and romance to the story for it to be a wonderful easy read, but not get bogged down with intricacies that I have no interest in. I enjoy the action without all the gore and that is what Kat Martin brings to the table.

Against the Tide is a perfect example of the blend that she is famous for writing. The Pacific Northwest sports some of the most beautiful areas on earth and that is where this book is set. Her books pick you up and set you down in the middle of God’s country. I know, I’ve been there and her descriptive passages will take you for a visit as well.

What I also enjoy is getting to know the different members of the Brodie family and in Against the Tide, we meet Rafe. And like all Brodie men, he meets his perfect match.

I am giving Against the Tide five stars. It is a great book and one you can expect to devour in a few hours time.




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Kat---Ventura-Star(250by175New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara where she majored in Anthropology and also studied History. She is married to L.J. Martin, author of western, non-fiction, and suspense novels. Kat has written more than sixty-five novels. Sixteen million copies of her books are in print and she has been published in twenty foreign countries, including Japan, France, Germany, Argentina, Greece, China, Russia, and Spain. Born in Bakersfield, California, Kat currently resides in Missoula, Montana, on a small ranch in the beautiful Sapphire mountains.

Her last nine books have hit the prestigious New York Times bestseller list. Both AGAINST THE WILD and AGAINST THE SKY, her latest release, took top ten spots. AGAINST THE TIDE the 3rd book in the Brodies of Alaska series will hit shelves in a couple weeks!

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Finding Just the Right Match

When I come up with a story idea, one of the most import

aspects and sometimes the most difficult, is to find the

right romantic match. The right hero for the right heroine,

two people who, by the end of the novel, will fit perfectly

together. Since AGAINST THE TIDE centers around Rafe Brodie,

a rugged outdoorsman, man of the sea, a hard working male with

a very high sex drive, I needed a woman who was his equal.

That meant she had to be tough, strong, hardworking, and

though she might not realize it at first, a woman with a very

Olivia Chandler is all of those things but she’s also a

woman with secrets. Though she’s drawn to Rafe, she knows

they can never share a relationship. Her life is in

jeopardy. Very powerful people want her silenced, and

involving Rafe might wind up getting him killed.

But a mutual friend has been murdered and Rafe and Liv

are both determined to find the man who killed him. As the

two of them work together trying to help the police solve the

crime, Olivia comes to respect and admire Rafe, and she is

wildly attracted to his dark good looks and amazing body.

Still, she might have to flee Valdez at a moment’s

notice. And there is possible threat her past poses to Rafe.

As the story develops, Rafe comes to believe Olivia

needs a man in her life, one strong enough to stand up to a

woman like her. He wants Liv in his life, but from the

start, he has knows she’s a woman with secrets. For their

relationship to work, Rafe needs to know what those secrets

As trouble deepens for Liv, another danger surfaces, one

AGAINST THE TIDE was a fun and interesting book to

write, and matching the two of central characters, finding

ways to bring them together during their dangerous, desperate

adventure added to the mix.

I hope you enjoy AGAINST THE TIDE, and next year watch

for INTO THE FURY, Rafe’s cousin Ethan Brodie’s story.

Till then, happy reading and all good wishes, Kat


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