Steady as You Go by Cheryl Murnane – 5 stars

Three lives are forever changed when fate intervenes. As a young girl, Maggie’s world was shattered by the unexpected death of her father. When she meets Tim in college, Maggie realizes that his cautious lifestyle was exactly what she is seeking. Tim loves protecting his wife and sheltering her from life’s pains, but he soon finds that life has a tendency to disrupt even the best intentions when their carefully planned future is turned upside down after they receive startling news. Will is mending a broken heart after the woman he loved leaves him. When a chance encounter with Tim develops into a treasured friendship, Will finds himself drawn into the struggles of Tim’s life, as Tim and Maggie grapple with the realization that their life will never be the same. As time slips away for Tim, he knows Will is his only chance to keep Maggie safe and provide her with the security she craves, but Maggie is torn about letting her guard down with the type of man who yearns for adventure. Could it be in Will’s destiny to open his heart to love one more time?

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Author CHERYL MURNANE lives in a suburb of Boston with her husband, two children, and dog, Mitzi. “During the Fall” is Cheryl’s first novel. As a practitioner of yoga, she lives a disciplined life, balanced by faith and family, and she believes that everything happens for reasons we may not always understand. Cheryl loves to hear from fans at or at her website

My thoughts –  

Steady as You Go is a heartfelt story of a chance meeting, a deep friendship, and a dying man’s last wish. Steady as You Go proves once more that while we are busy making plans, life happens – and even the most methodical can arrange only so much before the true plan for our lives takes over.

Steady as You Go is Cheryl’s second book and like the first, tells an inspirational story of a deep and profound love between a husband and a wife. In a world full of self-centered people, there are still those who possess wonderful qualities. They love deeply. They care deeply, and they are truly kind-hearted. In Steady as You Go you will meet a husband, who upon learning he is dying, reaches past his own pain to ask his closest friend to carry out his last wish.

This story of unselfish love will have all of us looking deep into our hearts to see if we could ever measure up to this book’s hero. Steady as You Go will make you laugh and make you cry. It is well-written and full of emotion.

I am giving the book 5 stars.

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