Solitude Interrupted by LJ Scar – Review 4 stars

Laken – When you grow up like I did, you aren’t an open book. You guard your past, you don’t give everyone your life story. Sounds easy enough especially since I just graduated college, moved to the wilds of West Virginia with my dog, and signed a contract for an eighteen month nursing job. The problem is my landlord, Cole. He doesn’t get that I need to keep my distance. He jokes that I am on the run. Maybe I am. But this remoteness is what I need to put what happened in perspective, to put myself back together. I’m not running for the hills despite Cole’s pursuit. I may just end up running into his arms.

Cole – When you co-own an outfitter that specializes in guiding white water rafters everyday is an adventure. The elusive, blond beauty who rented my neighboring, riverside cabin was not what I expected. My brother and friend gave her two nights before she couldn’t take living out in the woods alone next to a relentless flirt who hadn’t shaved in six months just to win a bet. She said she came here to figure her life out without any distractions, at least not the romantic kind. But I love a challenge, I’m a thrill seeker. She needs a little excitement and I’m more than determined to be the one who interrupts her solitude.

Funny, thoughtful, and heart wrenching – “Solitude Interrupted” is the unforgettable love story of a courageous girl who overcame so much and the reckless adventurer who couldn’t turn away from her.

Content contains profanity and adult situations.

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Author – LJ Scar is my pseudonym and alter-ego. She lives hillside in a tiny cottage that has a view of the mountains and the ocean on a sprawling parcel of land where all the people, dogs, and things she loves are within reach. She makes a living off the results of her imagination. She is a morning person who has great hair even after a rough night of sleep. She loves to exercise and doesn’t love junk food.

Nah…but someday. In the meantime, I live outside Louisville, Kentucky with my husband, a deceptively smart old border collie/husky mix, and a loving but troublemaking English Pointer/lab mix -both are rescues. I try to think up vivid locations based off places I’ve lived or vacationed and dream up romances and complications from observing strangers.

If you would like to see more please check out LJ Scar on Facebook (no spaces on LJ). On my page you will find photo albums of pics that inspired each of my books from the places depicted in each.

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My Review – 

Solitude Interrupted is a good book. I felt the story was well-written, the characters were solid, and the story-line believable. The cover of the book suited the story inside quite well.

This is a story of life and life’s struggles. It is a story of friendship and of finding yourself in the middle of chaos. The characters were very likable and real.

I did find a number of errors throughout the book and that caused a slight distraction for me. I enjoyed the story tremendously, but in my opinion, a 4-star book due to the errors.

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