Ting-A-Ling by Mike Faricy (Media Blitz)

Ting-A-LingTing-A-Ling is the latest release in the popular Dev Haskell series. Set in a
Minnesota polar vortex, Dev’s first mistake is answering the phone in the middle of
the night. His second mistake is offering to help. Fast paced and enjoyable, the true motive remains a mystery until it’s too late, or is it?

Due out March 24th,
Ting-A-Ling is a suspenseful tale that will keep you guessing until the final page.

Mike Faricy writes the sort of crime fiction we can all relate to. No one will be
saving the world from fanatical terrorists or international bank conspiracies. Rather, his tales are populated with the sort of individuals we all know, but wisely choose to keep at a distance. The situations they find themselves in are due to their own bad decisions, but then, bad decisions make for very interesting tales.

Mike Faricy divides his time between St. Paul, Minnesota and Dublin, Ireland
which makes him the most boring guy in two towns. He is currently working on his
latest top secret project. Check out his Facebook sites Mike Faricy Books or Dev
Haskell. Or @mikefaricybooks on Twitter and mikefaricyauthor@gmail.com

Praise for Mike Faricy

‘Minnesota’s Master of the Bizarre’

The Crime of it All.

‘His books are fast paced page turners that had us laughing out loud at the same time they were suspenseful.’ The Irish Gazette.

‘The Dev Haskell series is fantastic, an absolute delight.’ Mystery Mayhem

‘Mike Faricy is America’s hottest new mystery writer.’ The Dirty Lowdown

‘Okay, okay! I know this just came out, but I read it in one sitting, When’s the next one?’ Behind Bars

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