Chasing Norie by Sophie Dawson (Review)

From Award Winning Author Sophie DawsonStones Creek: A New Series

The Civil War has been over for two years. Two young women step off the train in Stones Creek, Colorado at the same time. One is returning to the family and ranch she loves, the other starting a new life leaving the memories which haunt her behind.

˃˃˃ Norie is finally back on the Colorado ranch she loves.

She had spent the Civil War years in Indiana going to school. Norie is anxious to get back on her horse and gallop across the range. Skilled, smart and independent, there’s nothing she thinks is out of reach.

˃˃˃ Linc, her father’s ranch foreman, has a different view of things.

There are just certain things that a girl shouldn’t do; ride unrideable horses, shoot and throw knives better than a man. He doesn’t understand his boss’s pride in her since her antics scare him spit-less.

˃˃˃ Sparks tend to fly when the two are together.

Doesn’t she understand he’s only trying to keep her safe? Will her father object to his growing attraction to her?

Why can’t Linc accept her for who she is and why does he have to be so handsome?

Will God show them how to understand their differences?

About the Author

Sophie Dawson has been making up stories in her head ever since she was a child. She lives with her husband on the family farm in Illinois. Two grown sons, a daughter-in-law and granddaughter round out her immediate family. Sophie does all kinds of needlework and was a professional machine quilter in the past. She loves to travel, read, garden and now write. In her books, Sophie shares the wisdom God has taught her in stories of faithful living. Her hope is to demonstrate how acting and reacting in the way the Bible teaches can bring a positive impact on her readers.

My thoughts on the book:

CHASING NORIE is the second book that I’ve read by Sophie Dawson, the first being Leah‘s Peace.  I love the authenticity of the books and the humor of the author. Both go a long way to making such a book an enjoyable read. The characters are well-developed and fun. There is mischief around each bend as Norie is very strong willed having grown up on a ranch. She can shoot, throw a knife, and ride like the wind on a horse. Sophie Dawson had me believing I was Norie.

CHASING NORIE coincides with Leah’s Peace and there is some overlap of the story in that both books take place at the same time. I felt there was just enough overlap to allow a reader, who has not yet read the other book, to enjoy the story and learn about the characters of the little western town. I also like the Christian undertone of Sophie Dawson’s books. There are several men in Stone’s Creek who preach the Sunday lesson since clergymen were scarce, and there is always a lesson in the book; one that we could all use.

“As the congregation began to sing Norie heard a discordant sound. Someone was very off-key. Focusing on where the noise was coming from she realized it was from the young woman in front her. Inwardly groaning she tried to maintain a worshipful attitude but the awful sound made it difficult. The head of the small boy in Sara’s arms lifted off her shoulder. He looked at the woman then reached over and closed her hymnal. The entire row Norie was in as well as those behind burst out laughing. The toddler’s innocent action had accomplished what no adult would have dared say.”

I really can’t give too many quotes from the book, because it would give away too much. It was such a fun read and I highly recommend both books. I’m giving CHASING NORIE five stars. Read my review of Leah’s Peace here: (I haven’t figured out links yet.)

“Norie didn’t appreciate Linc gathering several knitting projects as well as some of the turquoise and silver beads hidden under chairs and tables then giving them to her with a scowl on his face. She had tried, really tried, at least in her mind to put her things away but somehow Linc seemed to always find at least one she’d missed. He had taken to bringing her hat which hadn’t managed to stay on the hook when she’d thrown it in that direction. Her jacket also would show up on her chair at the dining table fairly regularly. He never said anything. He just handed the items to her or left them on her chair.”


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