Feel Good Factor in 30 Days by Andrea Morrison (Spotlight & Excerpt)

Sometimes life can be a continual treadmill that if you’re not careful can drag you down. The Feel Good Factor in 30 days puts the brakes on the negative spiral with light-hearted lessons that inject positivity and happiness into your everyday life.
Drawing on her own personal experience and journey from high flying barrister to burnout and then complete recovery, these lessons, with a wealth of practical examples, reflect the practices that Andrea Morrison uses in her own every day life and is written in an engaging style.

Eden House Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Andrea Morrison’s timely new book ‘Feel Good Factor in 30 Days’ on 20th January 2014.  The release date has been chosen to coincide with ‘Blue Monday’, which is said to be the most depressing day of the year*.

With honesty and warmth, holistic health expert Andrea Morrison shares her own ups and downs on her journey to changing her mindset and feeling good about life.  For a few years Andrea had been working long hours travelling the length and breadth of the country as a Barrister (think Wigs and Gowns) when she ended up with Pneumonia and then Chronic Fatigue.  Andrea describes this now ‘as the best thing to have happened to me, as I finally had to stop and this gave me the chance to become the person that I wanted to be.’

She exposed herself to everything and anything, neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Pilates and many more which have all come together into this practical new book.  The book contains 30 practical lessons which are easy to follow and implement.  Andrea Morison says that ‘through this book that by taking lots of small actions that you can make a big change to your happiness.’

Book Reviews 

A Truth Universally Acknowledged Book Review ~ ‘With the New Year, a lot of people decide to make a fresh start. For some, it’s time to get serious about losing weight, for others it’s time to change their take on life, to create a new mindset. For these people, the Feel Good Factor in 30 Days might be just the book they need.’
‘Rich of her experience, Feel Good Factor in 30 Days gives the reader the tools to achieve a positive outlook on life.’

A Goddess of Literature Book Review ~ ‘Maybe your life isn’t miserable, but you find yourself plodding along from day-to-day not very happy with your situation in the world. If so, this book can definitely give you some food for thought.’

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So a little bit from Andrea Morrison ….

‘My journey started many, many years ago. I left school with mediocre qualifications and obtained a training contract with the local government, but I had a dream – a big dream. I had always wanted to be a Barrister since I was in junior school – but had been told by various teachers that ‘people like me do not do jobs like that’ and the schools I had attended were failing schools.
Then I met a kindred spirit! My husband wanted to travel, to do something different with our lives – so we combined it! After traveling around Europe and America, we back packed around South America and I went back to University to pursue my dream. I had already become successful in Local Authority and Durham University was quick to snap me up!

Fast forward several years and I really had it all. I was a Barrister in a fantastic local Chambers, I was Treasury Counsel appointed by the Attorney General, I had been led by a top employment QC, I was even in the Legal 500 – I was living my dream with a brilliant career ahead of me or so you might think. But something had dramatically changed in my life, I’d started a family, a family that I had desperately wanted and had battled through infertility to get – suddenly working ridiculous hours and travelling the length and breadth of the country was soul-destroying, handing over my children to (an amazing) child minder quite frankly broke my heart. Also during this time, my Father had died of cancer, he was a big influence in my life and then he was gone, it made me think about the fragility and shortness of life. I knew in ten years time, my children would be grown up and my relationship with them fragile if not nonexistent.

During 2008, after my third child, even though I was at my lowest ebb I gave it my all in my belief that if I did it I could finally balance it all. Be the mum I wanted to be and the Barrister I knew that I was – and create the home my family deserved (yes we embarked on a two story extension to our home!). But of course life isn’t like that, and I wasn’t superwoman and in November 2008 I ended up with pneumonia. I simply had burnt myself out.

It may be difficult to believe, but it was not a personal drive to be a ‘career women’ but a belief that I should be a career woman, to do anything else was a failure, a waste, that I was letting my family down both financially and emotionally. I had to carry on, to simply put my children first and be predominantly at home was simply not an option.

I stumbled through the following year, our marriage was facing a major crisis, a holiday finally highlighted to us that we were trying to do the impossible though neither of us wanted to accept that. The following months involved emotional circular discussions starting with my need to stop and finishing with the obvious fact I couldn’t because of our financial position. However, my health was deteriorating and I was literally coming to a standstill.

Eventually I stopped. In August 2009 I hit a crisis point, I could no longer carry on and I started a long-term sabbatical from the Bar. Over the following months whilst I held down a tutoring post at the University (which I loved) the rest of the time I felt like all my energy had been sapped from me and I experienced the most dreadful pain. It was like living with the worst possible type of ‘flu. In March 2010 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. It was quite possibly the best thing to have happened, although I could barely walk 100m and taking the children to school had become exhausting. Finally, I had the chance to stop, to become the person I wanted to be.

I can only describe this part of my journey to be like peeling layers of an onion off one by one – there were lots of them, they were difficult to peel and many of them may make you cry! I realised that I had become completely depersonalised over the previous ten years –I would have to start to live – to feed my soul – to change my life. I decided to wind up my legal practice completely – a decision that would define my recovery – I could finally become better as there was now no expectation of a return to the person that I had been before.

My heart was telling me to pursue something completely different, reflexology, which sounded complete madness! I’m sure that those around me thought I had had some kind of breakdown, I hadn’t at all, but I had to agree it was the antipathy of Law! I started with a holistic massage course at a local college and even shocked myself when I found it really made my heart start to sing! This was closely followed by me undertaking a Reflexology Diploma at Jubilee College and in July 2012 Eden House Holistic opened for business.
Whilst physically my day-to-day was changing, so was I on the inside. I exposed myself to everything and anything – neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Pilates, reiki and many more, both with practitioners and many, many books. The biggest change was that I no longer allowed others to influence my decisions – I realized that I had attracted many strong characters in my life who were quick to judge and quick to criticize my judgement. I decided, if I was happy with my decision, then I needed no further approval. Over the last four years, my judgement has proved to be sound and that now is good enough for me!

Today I can honestly say, that for the first time in many, many years I am happy and content. When people who haven’t seen me for some time meet me, the first thing they comment on is that I look so well and happy! I don’t know what the future holds but I no longer worry about it; I see challenges as opportunities a chance to grow even more! I now have a successful therapy business, I run our local Professional Reflexology Group which is thriving and in the New Year I am launching an online Holistic Therapy resource which is extremely exciting! But above all we have a happy family! What’s not to look forward to!!

One thing that my life has taught me, is that life is a journey, there are lessons to be learnt, but it is there to be enjoyed, no decision is truly final and where there is an end there is undoubtedly always a beginning.’

Connect with Andrea on Twitter: @EdenHsePublish

Here’s a little taste of ‘The Feel Good Factor in 30 days’… (and a personal favourite of Andrea’s)

Lesson Nineteen – D.I.S.C.O

‘She is D, delirious
She is I, incredible
She is S, superficial
She is C, complicated
She is O, oh, oh, oh’


You are probably thinking, she’s halfway through the book and she’s running out of ideas!  I haven’t though, honestly!  But music plays a big part in my life and I find it really affects how you can feel.

So, if you have a task ahead of you that is dragging you down or you are putting it off or if you are feeling stressed about something playing music can really help!

Obviously you need to choose the music to fit the situation – no rock and roll if you are trying to write a tricky report (but if it works for you, who am I to dictate?)

You will often find me in the kitchen, either cooking or cleaning (or decorating) with music that I can dance to blaring out.  This is to the embarrassment of my kids when I ask them to dance with me.  As they get older they have become less obliging, but when they do, we find ourselves rolling around giggling.  However, I find that afterwards, whatever it was that I had to do is done quicker and with far more grace!  It really lifts the mood, everyone is happier and we’ve had some fun (and isn’t that what life is all about?).

Equally, if I have a difficult piece of work to do, then putting some chilling music can help too, it quietens my stress responses so that I can concentrate on what I have to do.

So now’s the time to go through your music collection and dig out those tunes – nothing like having a bit of a bop to something you loved when you were younger!!

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