Technology Thursday: A Personal Assistant App that WORKS!


personal assistant app Donna

You just have to love an app that is named after you! Especially one that is organized! You can only imagine the number of people I’ve told about this app. 

This amazing app is a personal assistant app named after the amazing assistant character Donna Moss from The West Wing. It’s user friendly and did I mention AMAZING?! (You can never have TOO many amazings.) And shares my name?!


What makes DONNA so amazing?

  • She syncs with all of the “stuff” on your smart phone: calendars, contact info, GPS, etc.productivity app, donna
  • She reminds you of appointments, checks traffic to estimate travel time, and checks the weather to let you know if you need an umbrella.
  • She calculates when you need to leave so you’ll be on time AND THEN SHE REMINDS YOU!!!!

It is seriously like having another “me” along for the ride. I can be my own assistant.


 Ever find yourself running late?

We’ve all found ourselves being late for a meeting because we forgot to consider traffic, how long it takes to park, or even our route there? Donna (love that name) pays attention for you so you can focus on other things. She’ll let you know when it’s time to go—and even phone you if you want.

  • She’s intuitive,productivity app, donna so even if you don’t know an exact location, she can guess & help you figure things out.


  • In addition to detailed directions, traffic info, and parking tips, she can even send photos of the building you’re trying to find!

assistant app, donna





  • If you have a conference call, she can dial it for you & handle any access codes needed to connect.
  • If you’re meeting with someone who typically runs late, she can send them a reminder to stay on track.
  • If you’re running behind schedule, she can notify the people you’re meeting to let them know what’s up.
  • She can even book a car for you.

scheduling app, donna


Donna will notify you the night before and let you know your schedule, the weather, and when to leave to arrive on time, as well as what the restaurant looks like so you’ll be sure not to miss it.


“It’s going to be 54º and raining when you get to “Dinner with Ari.”

Don’t forget your umbrella!

Connect Directly to Meetings


“It’s almost time for your “11:00AM” meeting with Amy. Shall I dial you in?”

No more rummaging for clumsy conference access codes or finding that one app to connect to a meeting. When Donna notifies you of a conference call starting, she will automatically connect you and dial the code for you—without even looking at the app.

Beautiful design. Easy to use. Intuitive. FREE.

“Good assistants give you what you ask for; great assistants get you what you need before you even ask for it.” —

donna personal assistant iphone app

I love this app. When she notifies me of an upcoming event I have to refrain from saying, “Yes mam, and would you order yourself a huge bouquet of flowers?”

Which apps do you use for organizing? Have you tried Donna?