A Fallen Trooper: Tuesdays with Donna: A Little Southern Comfort

Today’s column will be nice and short. I can’t keep my eyes open long enough to see to write. I was drying my bangs yesterday morning with the curling brush – which I’ve used for so many years I can’t count = and I accidentally (because who would do this on purpose) stuck the bristles in the eye. I am sitting here typing with my eyes closed because I still cannot open my eyes together for more than a few seconds.

Sunday evening we attended the wake for a trooper who suffered a heart attack and died while on the job this past week. It is so difficult to imagine what his wife and young sons are feeling at this moment, but the large showing of support from law enforcement last night was overwhelmingly heart touching.

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Retirement Day

My husband has been retired from the Louisiana State Police for seven years. He had a long career and managed to retire fairly unscathed. But, it is still not so long ago that I do not remember what it was like to watch him dress for work and then head down the driveway and through the gates into the big, bad world to do his job. I know that no job is safe in today’s world, but when you watch your husband strap on his bullet-proof vest and then his holster and gun, you know there is always the chance that he might not be coming back home. There were times when he was only a few miles from home that his life was in danger due to the drunks coming home and crossing the center line into his lane of traffic. He didn’t talk a lot about what he encountered on the job because he knew how difficult his job could be on the family.

A lot of emotions going through his mind. 25 years on the job.

My father is also a retired Louisiana State Trooper so I was very much aware of the perils of the job before I married my husband. Each year at the state convention, the troopers do a beautiful tribute to their fallen comrades. And, it can’t help but enter your mind that one day you will see your father or your husband’s picture up there on the screen. Law enforcement is a tight-knit community and that was never more evident than when we drove up to the funeral home Sunday night. This trooper has had a long career and was well liked. There were representatives from all branches of law enforcement and fellow troopers from 100 miles around in attendance. We had driven 79 miles to be there. One can only wish the family well and keep them in their prayers.

The Troop C branch of the Louisiana State Police are very involved in their charity work. On Monday they hosted their annual Grant-a-Wish golf tournament which is widely attended and supported by the public. Through generous public donations, they have been able to grant the sick children in this area their greatest wishes. They are also the recipients of a skeet shoot sponsored by a local business. The programs sponsored by this troop are well-known and respected by the public and their work is outstanding. These troopers not only work hard, they give hard.

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