Review: Virtually Perfect by Sadie Mills


‘I’ll show you my darkroom.’ It’s way up there with ‘Come up and see my etchings‘ and Eve knew it.

Auctioneer, Evelyn Blake, is looking for a plus one. Her colleagues’ wedding is fast approaching. No one likes rocking up to those things alone. Fuelled by a bottle of Pinot Grigio, sheer frustration and a smattering of panic, Eve lands on an internet dating website. Amongst all the bare-chested mirror shots and men-with-no-neck, there is one dating profile that stands out.

Shutterman has been single for a while (since walking in on his fiancée and best friend in the throes in his own bed). Years of hard work, one fluke Mont Blanc shot, and photographer Benjamin Macy finds himself catapulted to fame and fortune. Handsome, young, rich and accomplished, he’s the ultimate bachelor. Far from the Deptfort tower block where he grew up, the past he tries so hard to hide.

Her dark eyes danced out from the black and white photo. She stood out a mile amongst all the pouters and posers. Her cupid’s bow lips were painted dark and parted wide. She was laughing – nothing forced about it. Her eyes were laughing too. Her face was framed by a mass of long, dark, untameable curls.

She’d never even told him her name.

In the afterglow of a particularly good sale, Eve agrees to ditch her microwave dinner and go out with Ben. Maybe it’s the ambiance: the mood-lighting, the Spanish guitar, the food (possibly the wine). She finds herself captivated.

Eve and Ben meet at a crossroads, on two different journeys, from very different starting points in life. They discover that their paths have crossed before, their pasts weaving across one another. As demons and ghosts begin rearing their heads, when the secrets come tumbling out, will the knots be tight enough to keep them together, or will they unravel and part?

Sadie Mills

Sadie Mills is an author of dark romantic comedies. She lives in Devon, England, with her Maine Coon cat.

Sadie has worked in the legal profession for over fifteen years. She has also worked as a canine beautician and wedding chauffeur, as well as living in a restaurant for over two decades.

In her spare time, Sadie enjoys scuba, travelling in the Middle East, and skydiving. She doesn’t get much spare time, admittedly. Which is probably just as well.

Sadie is currently available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

To contact Sadie and keep up-to-date with her latest releases, visit or follow on Twitter and Facebook.

My Review

VIRTUALLY PERFECT by Sadie Mills started off with a little bang, but fizzled out before it got out of the starting gate.

I felt the book was a little long and frankly, a little boring. Using the book blurb as a guide, I was under the impression the book would be dark, but funny. The two protagonists had a load of baggage between them and more than once, I thought about not finishing the book. As I struggled through the book, I began to feel the book cover accurately depicted the story quite well.

I thought the author jumped around enough that at times I had a difficult time following the story. Also, when a different language, such as the French in the book, is used, a translation is needed. Not everyone speaks more than one language and authors need to incorporate translations.

There were some funny and true antidotes found, especially in the beginning. The reader can aptly understand the on-line dating scene through the description. “You can find all kinds of men on dating sites. Tall men, short men,…We’re starting with looks, because that’s where it always starts. Women complain about men objectifying us – making judgments based solely on our looks. The fact is we’re just as guilty, we’re just more subtle about it. Not to say you have be Brad Pitt, but the sad truth is if you’re a Danny Devito messaging a Charlize Theron, no matter how witty your opening or fabulous your profile, when we say we’re going to catch you later, trust me on this one: we’re not.”

Internet dating is a fascinating subject and the author could have expounded for chapters on the subject, but chose not to. VIRTUALLY PERFECT didn’t explore the intricacies of internet dating and I think the author missed a great opportunity to do so. I am giving VIRTUALLY PERFECT three stars. The grammar wasn’t bad, and I think that somewhere in the midst of all the baggage is a great story.

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