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THIS WEEKS TOPIC Taking His Name? Yay or Nay? What do YOU say? MY OPINION?

I Say Yay.

I found a cool blog where they love having debates. When I saw their debate of the week I thought, hey, this is something I can relate to. Add to that, I love expressing my opinion and there is just no one around here most days for me to express that opinion to. Hubby is working and I think the dogs are a little bored with my incessant rambling.

I did take my Hubby’s last name. After all, I am very proud to be his wife and I want people to know that we are a unit. However, (you did know that was coming) Hubby’s brother is also married to a Donna. It does provide situations where we are being introduced to become a little comedic at times. Just the other night, when Hubby’s band was playing and someone came up to introduce themselves to us, I said, “I’m Donna Theriot” and the other DT followed with, “I’m Donna Theriot”. The look on the person’s face was one of confusion and then plain bafflement (it was funny. People just sort of stand there with their mouths open until the brain kicks back in.) When no explanation was forthcoming, only laughter, she introduced herself to the next person, who fortunately for her, did not say, “I’m Donna Theriot”. The scenario reminded me a little of that old game show where three people introduced themselves as the same person and then the contestant had to figure out who was the “real” person. The name somehow escapes me at the moment (I think I’ll be having many more of those moments as I get older.)

Any hoo, I’ve digressed as we Southerners are infamous for. I have Hubby’s name, but I also kept my own. I was married before and I felt I had lost my identity, so I decided to keep my own name this time around. I am always Mrs. Theriot first and foremost, but my name is Donna McBroom-Theriot.

So….I say Yay!

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