Thursday's Where Truth is the Dare

 Question of the Day: Where Truth Is the Dare   [QUES OF THE DAY] [Paperback]

It’s Thursday again – and we all know what that means!

Here is this week’s question.

Truth? or Dare?

What are you tired of taking the rap for?

I’ll be posting my answer next week because I want every one to come up with their answer spontaneously and not be guided by my answer. I cannot wait to hear your answers! :)

Thank you all for participating. I will be doing this every Thursday so I hope you’ll all be back.

My answer to last week’s question “What do you now have more patience for, and what do you now have less patience for?”  I have less patience for complete idiots (adults whom I am acquainted with) and I have more patience for the children they try to manipulate.

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