Montana Wildfire by Rebecca Sinclair

About the book (from Amazon):

After her father’s sudden death, lovely Amanda Lennox had no money for the long trip from Boston to the ranch she’d inherited in faraway Seattle. When she saw the advertisement for a “wilderness expert” to escort eleven-year-old Roger Bannister, III to Montana, the adventure-loving woman jumped at the chance, never guessing she’d end up lost in the wilds of Idaho… with a twisted ankle. Then an arrogant half-breed on a palomino stallion came to her rescue and comforted her with is healing touch. Rugged ranch hand Jacob Blackhawk Chandler knew from experience that prissy white princesses meant trouble. He’d seen Amanda Lennox’s type before — haughty and citified and utterly unequipped to survive in the wide open country. He couldn’t just ride off and leave the lovely minx alone and hurt … but he sure wouldn’t be taken in by that sweet smile, either!

About the Author (from Amazon):

Rebecca has lived on the rocky eastern coast of New England all her life; first in Maine, where she was born, then in Massachusetts, where she grew up, and finally settling in the biggest little state of the union: Rhode Island. For the last 15 years she’s lived in a big, turn-of-the-century (the last century–circa 1865) house … that came complete with a widow’s walk, a Table-of-Death (don’t ask) and, of course, its own ghost(s)!

She enjoys spending time with her family(a lot), writing (a lot!), reading (a lot) and listening to a wide variety of music. Her favorite time to write is in the wee, wee hours of the morning, when all the sane(?) people are asleep; then, her creativity flows like melted chocolate.

Book Quotes:

The golden rays sifted over the boy, making the blond hair that clung damply to his scalp resemble a shimmering halo. Tight curls framed his brow, emphasizing the hint of baby-roundness still evident in his ten-year-old cheeks.

Amanda knew when he looked up she would see eyes bluer than a summer sky, wide and round, ringed with ridiculously long, ridiculously thick lashes.

She’d heard rumors of men who could strip a woman bare with one smoldering glance, but she’d never med one who would dare. Until now.

Jake let her remain wrapped in her thoughts, mostly because he couldn’t shake himself from his own long enough to distract her. What the hell had just happened here? Nothing extraordinary, he assured himself. Something very extraordinary…

The man was magnificent. Raw and rugged. Coppery and firm. Wet. The way he’d strolled onto the bank…

Oh, who was she trying to fool? Her entire body melted the second his mouth had claimed hers. She was soft, willing…embarrassingly responsive.

“But do you believe in me, Amanda Lennox? That’s the real question.” “Tell me,” he urged. “Tell me you believe in me, princess…more than I believe in myself.”

“Forever, I want to feel this good forever.”

“Yes, I must be,” Amanda said in a tone that would have done any tea social justice-calm, cool, collected…savage. “I’m crazy to have taken a job where my employer was a prejudiced bastard like yourself. Lord knows what I was thinking.” Jake grinned. He knew damn well what he was thinking: that his prissy little white princess had lost her cotton pickin’ mind! He didn’t say that, though. He couldn’t. For the first time in his life, a woman had left him speechless. He found his voice fast enough when Amanda spun on her heel and stalked toward the mare…”Amanda…” “Oh, shut the hell up, Jake,” she snapped irritably. “I know what I’m doing.” “I doubt that, princess. I really do.”…Had Amanda just cussed? Amanda?

My Review:

Montana Wildfire is written for the reader who loves the period before the West was really tamed, a time when Indians were looked upon as savages, and a half-breed could expect a life of misery. The story is well written and the characters deeply developed. Rebecca Sinclair is a wonderful writer and knows how to weave a story that grabs a reader and doesn’t let go until the last page of the book.

The words, the smells, the sights, and the sounds leap off of the page and leave you gasping either for a fresh breath of air or at an astounding view of the mountains.

I am a great fan of this particular era and have read hundreds of books from different authors. This story was authentic and enjoyable. It had love, drama, suspense, murder, and did I mention love (sighing here). There were no noticeable grammatical errors in the book and in my opinion, well written and edited.

I am giving Montana Wildfire five stars because it meets all of the criteria I look for in a great book – original story, character development, grammar, and conflict resolution. Montana Wildfire is a definite must read, and Rebecca Sinclair is an author you should add to your list of favorites.


Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the book with no obligation for a positive review. No compensation – monetary or in kind – has been obtained for this post. Cover art and book description courtesy of the author, publisher, or PR firm.

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