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Published: July 07, 2011
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About the Book:

Welcome to Tarpon Cove. Madison Westin inherits her aunt’s beachfront motel along with a variety of colorful tenant’s – drunks, ex-cons and fugitives. Only one problem: First she has to wrestle control from her lawyer and conniving motel manager. She enlists the help of her new best friend who’s motto is never leave home without your Glock. Only in South Florida, land of hot tan lines, drugs on demand – not to mention blackmail and murder.

About the Author:

             My debut novel Crazy in Paradise is full of fun and surprises. I’ve been writing, in one way or another for as long as I can remember; writing poetry, short stories, a romance novel secretly stashed under the bed and sappy love letters. Fiction should be fun. I wanted to create the perfect beach book, to make the reader laugh, cry and cheer… and then run out and tell their friends about it. My love of reading began when I was seven, the day I opened the cover of my first Mrs. Piggle Wiggle book. Mrs. P gave lessons to other children in how to behave and to me I learned to love the written word. I live in South Florida, with my ungrateful animals, where Mother Nature takes out her bad attitude in the form of hurricanes.

 From the Author:

 My Worst Job Ever

             I was fresh out of college, and needed immediate income and time to interview for my dream job, which was in advertising, so cocktail waitressing at a country western bar seemed like the perfect fit.  I knew nothing about country western music and never waitressed but the hours were 9pm until 3am.

             The owner saw something in me, desperation perhaps and he hired me on the spot.  He informed me after the interview if I wanted to make any money, I should go buy myself some boobs.  Back then, I was super thin and flat chested.  I went straight to the store and purchased myself a pair of 36 B’s, which made my body look like it had been taken over by a pair of boobs.  My new gigantic bra complimented the rest of the uniform, red short shorts, a tight white t-shirt, and low heels.  I remember debuting that outfit to my sister and she laughed until she choked.  We both laughed that when you poked me in the chest there was spring back action.

The bar patrons were nice and so were my co-workers but I was a fish out of water.  A lot like Dorothy when she realized she wasn’t in Kansas anymore.  I looked and acted like the unsophisticated girl that I was.  I met a couple of guys while I worked there, one in particular but I was too embarrassed to say yes to a date.

The hours turned out to be the only perk of the job leaving me time to job hunt when I wasn’t completely exhausted.  I’d get home at 4am, wired and unable to go to sleep, smelling like the bottom of an ashtray and the inside of a beer bottle from head to toe.

Four weeks later, I was hired as a receptionist in advertising.  I was happy to quit my night job and even happier that my boss didn’t want any notice.  We had an amicable breakup.

Book Quotes:

“To new beginnings here in South Florida.”

 “Elizabeth was a woman you wanted in your back up arsenal, she never said no to helping me. I wish I’d gotten to talk to her one last time.”

“You didn’t have very much. What happened to all of your possessions? Tell me Dickhead didn’t get everything in the divorce.”

“Look, you do have something in common,” Mother said. “Divorce. That’s nice. Does your family refer to your ex as Dickhead, Zach?”

“I need a favor.”  “Are you using an IOU?”

“I hit him over the head with a vase. I didn’t know what else to do.”…”What if he wakes up?” “I can’t continue to hit him over the head.”

“I try to use my martial art skills more than a gun, but I never leave home without my Glock and a couple of her friends.”

He looked at me, a serious look on his face. “I don’t think I can get my hand inside your dress if we sit on the concrete.” “How would you like it if I stuck my hand up your pants?”

“All I know is he’s an ex-con, no friends, and no one is willing to step up and claim his dead ass.”

 My Review:

            Crazy in Paradise was a book full of strange, crazy characters, each collecting their own set of “I owe you’s.” From the first page of the book to the last, the action was non-stop. The story began with recently divorced Madison Westin inheriting her recently deceased aunt’s beachfront house and properties. Not only does she inherit an old motel, she also inherits an old motel full of eccentric people.

             From the insane funeral that will leave you in tears, to the scheming attorneys, mad ex-cons, a centerfold private investigator who is just as adept at making trouble as he is in solving mysteries (and he’s also quite the charmer.) Then, there are the dates that Madison’s mother tries to fix her up with that will leave you rolling your eyes.

Trouble seems to follow Madison around as she tries to legitimize her aunt’s business and she finds herself in the midst of a shootout. The book was not a serious book by any means and would be a great book to sit out on the beach to read. You’ll find yourself looking for the hunky P.I. and seeing shady characters lurking by old motels. The story is humorous and you’ll find yourself chuckling along the way. Crazy in Paradise is just that, crazy (and a fun read.)

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