Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Bean Paste

I can’t tell you how long I have had my eye on Vanilla Bean Paste. That’s why when I came across an advertisement from Nielsen-Massey looking for someone to try the product and review it, I was on it like sticky on candy. And, I knew I had to call in my favorite cousin, Kelly, to help in the taste testing. I love to bake, but I normally stick to the basics. Kelly, on the…

"Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Bean Paste"

Crazy in Paradise by Deborah Brown

Ebook By Deborah Brown Published: July 07, 2011 Category: Fiction » Mystery & Detective » Women Sleuths About the Book: Welcome to Tarpon Cove. Madison Westin inherits her aunt’s beachfront motel along with a variety of colorful tenant’s – drunks, ex-cons and fugitives. Only one problem: First she has to wrestle control from her lawyer and conniving motel manager. She enlists the help of her new best friend who’s motto is never leave home without your Glock. Only in South Florida,…

"Crazy in Paradise by Deborah Brown"

My Crazy Life – The Blurring of Lines and the Power of Reconnection

January 16, 2012             I have found myself thinking on more than one occasion about the technological wonder we call Face book. I know that it has allowed me to reconnect with people I went to high school (and middle school and grammar school) with that I never thought I would see again. Unlike many people, I moved from the home and town where I spent my childhood the day after high school graduation. I…

"My Crazy Life – The Blurring of Lines and the Power of Reconnection"

Brooklyn based MANTRA PERCUSSION performs Michael Gordon's "Timber"

Brooklyn based MANTRA PERCUSSION visited a Lowe’s hardware store in Alexandria, Virginia to perform an excerpt of Michael Gordon’s “Timber” on six two-by-fours. My son-in-law, Jude Traxler, is a member. He is the one (dare I say this) with the green hair. I hope you’ll follow the link and watch and listen to this group of talented musicians.

"Brooklyn based MANTRA PERCUSSION performs Michael Gordon's "Timber""

My Crazy Life –The Makings of a Book Review

January 3, 2012 Sitting here with nothing to do … and if you believe that, I have some swampland to sell you. I was actually winding up several hours of work putting together book reviews for my blog and I began thinking that the process might make a great story – well an okay story at least. Most of us who have blogs are also writers – published and non-published – so we all know…

"My Crazy Life –The Makings of a Book Review"

My Crazy Life – Starting the New Year with a little from the old

January 1, 2012           It has become a tradition in our family for Hubby, daughter Katie-Beth and husband, Jude, and son, Joshua to play music with their dad for the Christmas children’s pageant at mass on Christmas Eve. They normally provide vocals as well. This year there was a change. A local teacher gathered a few volunteers from the church community and formed a children’s choir.           After a few practices, Hubby had them overcoming…

"My Crazy Life – Starting the New Year with a little from the old"