My Crazy Life – December 3, 2011- The “perfect” Christmas tree

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A friend posted on her face book page today that she allowed her two sons to decorate the Christmas tree. She was taking a break and wondering if she should leave it or fix it. I posted that I would leave it. Her post brought back a wonderful memory that I had forgotten.

Every year I would decorate the “perfect” tree. This one particular year, I let my two daughters decorate the tree. My heart gave me the idea, so how could I not listen. They made a construction paper link train like the ones we made in school as children. They also put a hodgepodge of ornaments on the tree, including the ones they made throughout their school years. It was the most beautiful tree I had ever seen.

I remember getting a lot of criticism about that tree from the ex-family. Boys can be cruel at times. It also came from them never taking the time to get to know me. I had to fight very hard that year to keep charitable feelings in my heart; looking at that tree brought a lot of peace to me. I haven’t looked at a Christmas tree the same way since. I love my two daughters with all my heart and would love to have that moment that the three of us shared back again.

We all played Barbie dolls when we were young (even some of you guys.) I have a number of Hallmark Barbie doll ornaments that I just love. I would put them on the Christmas tree, which made my youngest daughter get the vapors. The moment she would come in from school, she would sneak up to the tree and move them all to the back of the tree. Her behavior never gave her away. She could be a sneaky little stinker when it came to moving those ornaments.

As soon as I noticed, I would move them back to the front and go about my business. She would walk through the den and notice the ornaments were back in the front and she would move them to the back. This would go on and on for the entire Christmas season.

I am thinking about digging them up and putting them on the tree this year – just to see if she notices. The ornaments will probably be the one thing she will want when I’m dead and gone. Maybe she’ll even hang them on the front of the tree and smile each time she passes.

I hope you’ll join me this holiday season with comments of your own. Next up – the year the girls opened every gift under the tree and kept it a secret until Christmas!


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