Friendship is a two-way street

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Friendship Is A Two-Way Street.

Posted on December 14, 2010 |

I reckon true friendship is having the freedom to share our deepestthoughts. Unfortunately, many of us choose to take our friendships for granted. True friendship is difficult to find and is even more difficult to keep.  Whilst it is inevitable that our friendships will hit some bumps along the way.

We should realize that we have our shortcomings and should be willing to forgive and forget. Perhaps in a split second whenever possible. Then, there are those who tend to see their lives through a narrow perspective. Thus, there’s nothing better than opening our minds to the possibility that there are always unavoidable circumstances and it have nothing to do with ill feelings.

Perhaps, our lives should not be so harried so much so that we do not have the time to be genuinely friendly. Reach out, try a little kindness and brighten someone’s life every day. And you will soon realize how special a little focussed attention can make you feel.

“The greatest gift is neither found
in a store nor under a tree,
but in the hearts of our true friends.”

“Friendship is when people know all
about you but like you anyway.”

“True friendship is based on trust, honesty
and sincere generosity of our hearts.”

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart
and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

“Wherever you are,
it’s your friend
who make your world”

“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world,
and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.”

“Every gift from a friend
is a wish for your happiness

Friends are God’s gift to help us along our life’s path. They love us, laugh with us, comfort us and encourage us. Learn to appreciate the value of a good friend. As true happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth and choice.

It is said in a lifetime, it would be extraordinary to have acquired five real friends – the five individuals who are willing to stick it out through the years – sharing our sorrows and joys, taking the good with the bad, forgiving and being forgiven.

Friendship is like a two-way street. Sometimes you need to call on your friends for help and sometimes they will call on you. Very simply, take turns giving and receiving support. You see, if you are not willing to give, you will never have a strong, centered friendship.

“One measure of friendship
consists not in the number of things
friends can discuss,
but in the number of things
they no longer mention.”

“Friendship is a pretty full-time occupation
if you really are friendly with somebody.
You can’t have too many friends because
then you’re just not really friends.”

“Friendship with oneself is all important,
because without it
one cannot be friends
with anyone else in the world.”

Believe in the best of people in spite of everything. Before doubting your friends, give them the benefit of the doubt. Do not make a mountain out of a molehill. And strive to be humble as everyone has faults. Because what is important is to keep our friendships on good terms than to be proven “right.”

Lastly, the secret to being a good friend is really the key to having good friends. Being friendly is contagious …………………………. so start an epidemic. And be mindful, friendship is a two-way street.



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Even Christmas pictures can't escape a "Lucy" moment

Katie-Beth didn’t make it in time.
Try, try again and then it’s good! Son #1 – Josh – is in this picture.
Where’s the flash?
And then we got the giggles!
Perfection! Son #2 – Jeremy is in this picture.

Merry Christmas from The Theriot Family

Jeffery, Donna, Jude & Katie-Beth, Joshua, Jeremy

You can find our three musicians on their web pages here:

 You can find Jude on

You can find Katie-Beth at

You can find Joshua at

My Crazy Life – I’m sorry, I love you, Help me

December 17, 2011

“Did you know the people that are usually the strongest are usually the most sensitive? Did you know the people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to get mistreated? Did you know the one who takes care of others all the time are usually the ones who need it the most? Did you know the three hardest things to say are I love you, I’m sorry, and help me? Sometimes just because a person looks happy, you have to look past their genuine smile and see how much pain they may be in.”

            I took the above quote from a friend’s page on Facebook. I thought it was interesting and in MY opinion, quite true. In so far as it pertains to me, people have always thought I am strong person, and I am, don’t get me wrong; but it doesn’t mean I am not also sensitive. You can hurt my feelings in a snap if you aren’t careful. And, I do not have a “poker face” so you will know when you have hurt my feelings.

I agree that some of the kindest people I know are the first to be mistreated, used, and abused. I could site many examples here, but being the sensitive person I am, I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Have you ever had a person hug you and you hugged them back only to realize that they really needed to feel someone’s arms around them, no matter how brief the moment. That statement was true as well.

“I love you”, “I’m sorry”, and “help me” must be the three hardest words for someone to say, because how many times do you hear it? How many times do you hear someone say, “I was wrong”? I would say not many. I do not find it difficult to say, “I’m sorry.” Twenty years of meanness and never once hearing that person say “I’m sorry” taught me how important it is to say those words and not only to say them, but to mean them.

I also learned the value of admitting that I am wrong. It is life freeing to admit you are wrong or you don’t know something, especially to someone who thinks they know it all. “I love you” is more difficult for me. I’ve been burned a lot in my life so I tend to hesitate before saying those words. I also hesitate before saying, “help me.” I learned to be self-sufficient at an early age and relying on others does not come easy to me.

Then, there is the last statement: “Sometimes just because a person looks happy, you have to look past their genuine smile and see how much pain they may be in.” This is something people just do not do. There is a phrase that says something like “the eyes are the window to the soul.” Apparently not, because if it were true, my pain would be like a beacon, flashing like the light on top of a lighthouse.

Go ahead and read the paragraph again.

“Did you know the people that are usually the strongest are usually the most sensitive? Did you know the people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to get mistreated? Did you know the one who takes care of others all the time are usually the ones who need it the most? Did you know the three hardest things to say are I love you, I’m sorry, and help me? Sometimes just because a person looks happy, you have to look past their genuine smile and see how much pain they may be in.”

            Do you know a strong person? Do you know someone who is mistreated because of their kindness? Do you have someone in your life who needs someone to care for them? Is there someone you need to tell, “I love you” to? Or “I’m sorry?” Are you someone who needs help? Try looking past someone’s smile this holiday season to see if they need a little love.

If you are reading this, I hope you take a moment to reflect and leave a comment. Thanks. Happy Holidays.


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My Crazy Life: Time for Cookie Swap!

December 7, 2011

            Things have really been in a state of chaos here lately, or so it feels. Thanksgiving night begins a week of scurrying non-stop for me as my annual cookie swap is always the first Sunday in December. The invitations were sent out a long time ago, but I still have to call for those RSVPs.

Saturday was a huge cooking day for me. It began with making the “soup of the year”. That title doesn’t mean, “Wow, it’s the best soup I’ve ever tasted!” just simply the soup I’m serving this year. I try to serve a different soup each year and sometimes I cannot come up with any ideas. Thankfully, my best friend served this soup not too long ago and since it is one I really enjoyed, I decided the honor of “soup of the year” should be bestowed upon it.

The name of the soup is Taco Soup. If you are clamoring for the recipe, it is hidden in the pictures – just add two pounds of browned ground beef and an onion.

 Taco Soup Ingredients

Brown 2 lbs. ground beef and 1 small onion

Add water and simmer

            My cookie of choice this year was Southern Living’s Pecan Pie Cookie. It looks and tastes just as the name portrays it. I think next time; I’ll just make mini pecan pies though. They would be a lot less trouble, and in my humble opinion – much more enjoyable to the palette.

Straight from the oven

Packaged to give

           The winner of the cookie contest this year was a newbie, my friend Lynette. What a great fun to receive that honor on your first venture into cookie swapping. She made the most wonderful gingerbread men. The cookie did not have that strong flavor that you find with many gingerbread cookies, and she decorated them so cute. Her one confession was that she tried out more than a few recipes with her kids as the taste testers before she found the perfect one. Kudos to the kiddies – they picked a good one!

We had chocolate fudge and cinnamon scones this year, along with pecan pie cookies, chocolate peanut butter kisses, heavenly hash candy, an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, and the cutest little chocolate shells filled with chocolate mousse and topped with a chocolate design (I hid these from Hubby!)

Having fun!

            You are probably thinking why there is candy at a cookie swap. The answer to that is simple. I have friends who are wonderful candy makes and hate to bake. The only steadfast rule to my Cookie Swap is that it must be homemade and some effort should go into the making of the treat. Besides – you can only eat so many cookies. The other rule is HAVE FUN!

We also play games – which can get funny at times. Each year Hubby writes a story using baking ingredients (he wants to be a part of Cookie Swap and even asked to make fudge this year) but since this year I was going with a Candy Land theme, he was a little out of his league. Can you believe? He must be the only person on the planet who never played Candy Land as a child! Any hoo – Jessica stepped up to the plate and wrote the cutest story!

Did I mention that Jessica is an author? I didn’t – you say? You can find her book on my sidebar – Muddy Bayou, along with her website.

The Candy Land story is too cute not to share and I’ll give you a hint as to the number of candies in the story – 31. See if you can find them all. (You are welcome to use the story – just give credit where credit is due. Thanks.)

Christmas in Candyland

‘Tis Christmas time in Candyland

And Candy canes and gumdrops decorated the land

Sugar plums danced and sugar babies whistled

And 5th Avenue was decorated with snowcapped thistle.

Though the season was merry as merry as could be

Princess Lollipop in her strolls couldn’t help but see

That Lord Licorice snickered and grumbled about Christmas galore

He crunched down Skittle lane yelling for more

The Starbursts in windows weren’t bursting enough, he said.

The Razzles weren’t razzling, the York flowers looked dead.

The gumdrops needed more sparkle, Milky Way was too pale

Zero wasn’t merry enough for Christmas, he wailed.

Baby Ruth, Kit Kat, Mike and Ike all cringed

But Princess Lollipop approached though she risked being singed.

We’ll have a Candy Christmas worth 100 Grand, she exclaimed.

Candyland will add trim and sparkle, it won’t be the same.

“Candyland’s made of airheads; they’ll never get it right.”

“Don’t worry, Lord Licorice, I’ll give it all my might.

Christmas will be as delicious as Turkish Delight.”

He mumbled and grumbled but agreed to see for himself that night.

Princess Lollipop took on an enormous feat

And decided to delegate to the tiny tarts of the street

Dove hung the mistletoe in every doorway in sight

Rollo carried lights and the 3 Musketeers strung them up tight

They hustled and bustled and weren’t Crybabies at all

Candy land sparkled and glittered so much, Mars gave them a call.

Lord Licorice strolled the street with his Warheads at his feet

But he grinned and threw peppermints which Mary Jane thought was neat.

Since Candy Land was the theme – complete with invitations – I decorated with candy, LOTS of candy! Hubby did get to do his part by counting the gumballs. When I asked how many so I could write it down, he refused to tell me! His band was playing music and he told me to call him at 3pm so he could tell me the number! I could tell you the number, but what fun would that be? Leave your guess in a comment.

How many Gumballs?

            As you can see in the pictures, Cookie Swap was great fun. We had lots of food and many sweets to eat. Everyone left with a promise of coming back next year. What a great afternoon it was.

How about you? Do you host a Cookie Swap or attend one?


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My Crazy Life – December 3, 2011- The “perfect” Christmas tree

Image via Wikipedia

A friend posted on her face book page today that she allowed her two sons to decorate the Christmas tree. She was taking a break and wondering if she should leave it or fix it. I posted that I would leave it. Her post brought back a wonderful memory that I had forgotten.

Every year I would decorate the “perfect” tree. This one particular year, I let my two daughters decorate the tree. My heart gave me the idea, so how could I not listen. They made a construction paper link train like the ones we made in school as children. They also put a hodgepodge of ornaments on the tree, including the ones they made throughout their school years. It was the most beautiful tree I had ever seen.

I remember getting a lot of criticism about that tree from the ex-family. Boys can be cruel at times. It also came from them never taking the time to get to know me. I had to fight very hard that year to keep charitable feelings in my heart; looking at that tree brought a lot of peace to me. I haven’t looked at a Christmas tree the same way since. I love my two daughters with all my heart and would love to have that moment that the three of us shared back again.

We all played Barbie dolls when we were young (even some of you guys.) I have a number of Hallmark Barbie doll ornaments that I just love. I would put them on the Christmas tree, which made my youngest daughter get the vapors. The moment she would come in from school, she would sneak up to the tree and move them all to the back of the tree. Her behavior never gave her away. She could be a sneaky little stinker when it came to moving those ornaments.

As soon as I noticed, I would move them back to the front and go about my business. She would walk through the den and notice the ornaments were back in the front and she would move them to the back. This would go on and on for the entire Christmas season.

I am thinking about digging them up and putting them on the tree this year – just to see if she notices. The ornaments will probably be the one thing she will want when I’m dead and gone. Maybe she’ll even hang them on the front of the tree and smile each time she passes.

I hope you’ll join me this holiday season with comments of your own. Next up – the year the girls opened every gift under the tree and kept it a secret until Christmas!


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My Crazy Life – November 25, 2011 – Lucy gets a vacuum

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. The noonday was spent with Hubby’s family and the evening was spent with my family. My nearest and dearest cousins came over for dinner, and you just know that when Kelly and I get together, there is going to be some sort of incident. Especially since the question of the day became, “How many fingers am I holding up?” The wine was flowing long before dinner ever made it to the table.

After gallons of delectable seafood gumbo, delicious potato salad, and scrumptious pecan pie had been devoured, it was time for the technology to rear its ugly head. Kelly was attempting to log on to my wireless network as a guest. No big deal, you say. Not for anyone else, but you have to remember, this is ME! He was the one who set up the network and was there when I chose the oh-so-easy to remember passwords. That is where things went terribly wrong. I could not remember the password, and I could not remember where I wrote it down.

So, (and this is where things went to hell) we went into my office and he pulled up the information on the computer. Did I mention that Kelly is my technology guru? Unfortunately, for him, I do not hesitate to try anything because I know that he is just a phone call away. We changed the guest password to something new (and easy) and I wrote it down – this time in a place where I know I’ll be able to find it. THEN, I get the bright, brilliant, eluminating idea to change my regular password. We changed the password and a message came up stating that an update was available for the router. That was when everything went to hell. Technically, since it was Kelly who clicked the yes, he sent everything to hell, BUT I will take credit because it was my idea to mess with something that wasn’t broken in the first place. Do I get points from the Good Fairy for that?

Me, being ME, cannot stand for something to be broken and not try to fix it on the spot, rather than wait until the next day – which normally makes so much more sense… So, as soon as the cousins were out of the door and safely on their way, I called the 1-800 to nowhere number and began a two-hour consultation/fix-it session. I unplugged and plugged, unplugged and re-plugged in different places. I moved the blue cord to the yellow cord and back again. I disconnected from the power source and re-connected, and did that again, and again. I did this repeatedly for almost two hours before the CISCO light became solid again.

The technician asked me what other wireless devices I was using and when I told her I had a Kindle, she wanted to know all about the Kindle because she wants to get an e-reader. I did not want to discuss e-readers! I did not want to discuss prices of e-readers and how she could not afford one (which by the way I was baffled by because I would think that computer techs make enough to purchase a Kindle. There is one for $79.) Finally, she was back on track to fixing the problem.

She then had to connect to my computer to be able to roam around in it. My mouse fascinated her – it is a heart with little hearts beating out it. I was about to scream by this time. I had been crawling on the floor under my desk plugging and unplugging cords and power strips, I did NOT want to discuss the heart on my computer. Thank goodness, and after a $39 fee, my wireless router was updated and working properly. All was not well, but ended well.

Hubby was supposed to leave for the hunting camp first thing this morning so instead of hopping into the shower; I decided to wait until he left. That way, I could visit with him a little longer. This is prelude to a lesson I learned later in the day, so you need to know what I look like in the morning. It is nothing to be proud of and I would put the house in hock to keep pictures of me off the internet. It’s that bad. This morning was no exception. When I get up in the morning, I throw on the oldest pants I can find along with the oldest shirt in the pile because I am going outside to feed the dogs. Experience has taught me to do this. Calypso and Ryka always hear me rummaging around in the garage, fixing their dinner, and can be found sitting at the door when I open it. Calypso has never failed to jump on me, no matter how many times I tell her to sit. This means I end up with muddy prints on whatever shirt I have on.

Hubby ended up piddling around until lunch, which means I didn’t take my shower in the morning. After he finally left, it was too late for me to run the errands that I had planned, and I just wasn’t in the mood anymore. What this means is I didn’t take my shower right away and we all know what that means. I am famous for getting sidetracked and today was no exception. I sat down at my desk and decided to finish all of the pending work I needed to do.

Then, just as I was finishing up my work and thinking about taking a shower, cousin Kelly decides to remember that I had asked him to show me how to Face Time – YESTERDAY – not today when I look like crap. My phone started ringing – or playing a little Creedence Clearwater Rival. When I picked it up, I could see my cousin and then my picture in the corner. I was totally confused. I assumed Hubby had started to miss me and was calling and this just totally freaked me out. I forgot that I hadn’t taken my shower and looked like crap, so I answered the phone. So, I sat there for the next half hour having a conversation wishing I had a bag to put over my head.

Let this be a lesson to all of you folks out there, get up in the morning and take your shower – FIRST thing – because you just never who is going to call! It was not a pretty sight that greeted my cousin! Just ask him!

Did I mention that I purchased a new vacuum? Then, let me tell you. I purchased a new vacuum and I swear it must be self-propelled! It is also huge and purple! And, when I turned that stinker on, it took off with me in tow. Picture The Jetsons cartoon. My perfect coiffured hair was blowing in the wind, the sun at my back…okay, it wasn’t that wild a ride.

When I vacuumed the huge rug that covers the bulk of our bedroom floor, it was so bright! I guess my other vacuum must have been laughing at me, especially when it would blow dust at me each time I turned it on to vacuum. I have figured out that there is no place for the dust to settle when you do not have carpet – hence all the dust that has taken up residence in my home. I guess my carpeting hangs on the wall in the form of curtains! I love to clean (especially when you see the results) and this vacuum and me are having one hell of an affair at the moment! I am definitely in love.

I know – what about the dogs. There has to be a dog story here somewhere. You are correct. Calypso now has a new name, “Pig Pen”. Remember Pig Pen with his cloud of dust from Charlie Brown; that describes Calypso exactly. She came out of her little spot in the flowerbed to greet me earlier today and when she shook, dust went flying like a cloud. I had to dust off my pants. I just cannot get her to stay clean. She loves being a dog.

Calypso is also a muddy mess right now, sleeping peacefully like the puppy she is. Earlier, I observed some peculiar behavior. She went out of her way to walk AROUND a water puddle to climb into her water bowl. Ever since she was a puppy, she has always put her front paws in the water bowl when she drinks. Why she skirted the puddle baffles me. I just laughed. She’s my dog!

Then, there is poor Ryka. Every morning when I put their food in the kennel, she looks at me, looks at the water bowl, and hangs her head as if to say, “It’s muddy again.” So, every morning, I dump the muddy water out and fill it with fresh, clean, cool water. Ryka always looks at me with such adoration when I do this little task. I think she knows she is loved.

One last thing; according to all of the emails that have been flooding my inbox as of late, I am a millionaire many times over. Hold the applause please. So, if you have something other than peace and good will on your Christmas list this year, feel free to leave a comment on my blog with your request!