My Crazy Life – October 26, 2011 – “Nana May I”

Today was early dismissal and I picked up the grandchildren. Andrew had a fist full of reward certificates that he has earned for being good. He had several for “Eat with a friend”, “Water Passes”, and even one to “Eat with the teacher”, although he indicated he may let that particular one expire. He chatted non-stop while we waited in the pickup line for Cara.

Cara hopped in the car and took over the air space with her chatter. They were both in a good mood and bantered back and forth all the way back to the house. The dogs greeted them with lots of licks. Calypso hopped up on Cara and was taller than she is. She wanted that lick at all cost.

We eventually wound up on the front porch playing “Nana, May I”, our version of “Mother, May I”. I was evil today and decided to have some fun. I had Andrew duck waddling and Cara hopping. Then, I gave Andrew the instruction to pirouette six steps forward. After informing me that he would probably hate me at some point in the future, he complied (laughing the entire time.) Then, it was Cara’s turn. I instructed Cara to turn around (facing me as she was facing the opposite direction) and take five steps backwards. She had a frown until Andrew caught on and explained it. Then, she was all smiles. I do love this game now that I am an adult!

Hubby’s cousin owns the dry cleaners that we use. For many years, they owned German Shepherds, so as anyone would be apt to think, I thought the wife loved the dogs. That turned out not to be true and I almost gave the woman a heart attack! I stopped off on my way home from obedience class and went in to tell her I had something I wanted to show her. Thank goodness she was in the doorway about 20 feet away because when I opened the back door to the suburban, she let out a blood curdling scream that may have woken the dead in the cemetery down the road. She was freaking out. I was freaking out. Ryka and Calypso were freaking out. I didn’t know what was going on.

Turns out, she is deathly afraid of dogs, especially German Shepherds. I didn’t know. I felt so horrible. She told me that she never touched them and if she had to feed them, she put on gloves. She told me she would drive into the garage and they stayed outside. Hubby told me that they had dogs for twenty years. I just assumed that she liked them. Thank goodness, I did not bring them in with me. I had to calm her down and believe me when I say that she was screaming like a banshee (whatever that is.) Then, I had to calm the dogs down. What a nightmare!

Since today was early dismissal, I cancelled Calypso’s final lesson until Friday. That gives me two more days to work with her. WE WILL GRADUATE! Since I woke her from her nap this morning, she was pretty good on the leash, although her new thing is to hold the leash in her mouth. I am trying to break her of this habit, but at least she heels. I guess I should mention, she has no choice – it’s a two-foot leash! After making several rounds up and down the drive way, I made her sit (she must have been tired because she actually listened) and I took the leash off her. Once I released her, she then followed me for another lap before sitting in the shade.

Then, I decided to try something (I can never leave well enough alone.) I dangled the leash next to me while I was walking rather than tucking it into my pocket. It wasn’t long before Calypso took the bait – or the leash – and was walking along side me. I am concluding that she doesn’t mind listening so long she is in charge – or thinks she is – or maybe she is.



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