My Crazy Life – August 12, 2011 – Stopping an old man’s heart

I was in Walmart earlier in the week, and as I was walking out, I couldn’t help but notice that I can still turn the heads of men, even if they are the heads of 70-year-old men! Ya gotta bless their little hearts they made my day. Of course, who else is going to be warming the bench at Walmart at 9 am on a Tuesday morning? They had their bottles of Geritol and I’m sure they were telling each other stories about how they could attract a girl’s eye in the day when I walked by. I have to say I looked nice. The make-up was looking quiet fresh at that time of the morning, rather than tired as it does by the end of the day. And, I was dressed in a pretty color – off setting the beautiful blue of my eyes (this girl knows her assets – men used to give me a dollar bills when I was little because they thought my eyes were beautiful.) I was also thinking it was probably the red lipstick that had their tongues a hangin’. Back in the day, that’s the color that women wore, not the natural flesh tones you see today.

Which brings up another thought – I have often wondered (and never asked) why women want to wear lipstick the same color as their lips. It doesn’t make sense to me (in my opinion.) Of course, if I wore a color the same shade as my lips, you wouldn’t see my lips. I have always loved bold colors when it comes to lipstick. When I am in a particular feisty mood, I always wear red. Red means don’t mess with me today; I’ll have you for lunch.

And, now (drum roll please) a story about Calypso. You know by now that there will always be a story (or a paragraph) about Ryka and Calypso. I was sitting out on the front porch (that’s what we Southerners do) watching Calypso chase the mosquito hawks and it suddenly dawned on me (I think they may have even been a streak of lightening and a crack of thunder) that she loves life. She is the happiest dog; you can see it in her face. She loves everything about living. She loves to dig. She loves to eat. She loves to run and jump. She loves to tear things up and scater the remains around the yard.

She loves to chase bugs. She loves to eat bugs. She loves to chase her ball (she does not like to give it back – we play with two.) She loves water, especially if it’s coming out of the water nozzle. She loves her swimming pool (and if you are squirting her with water all the better.) Calypso loves living. Calypso and Ryka’s newest thing is playing and sleeping on the new utility trailer that Hubby purchased (big boy’s, big toys.) When the sun goes down and Ryka is ready to sleep, she climbs up and picks a spot. Eventually, Calypso ends up at the opposite end, and after a round of chase the tail, she settles down and falls asleep.

Calypso also reminds me of a ferret. Isn’t that the animal that likes to take things and hide them from unsuspecting owners and visitors? Well, Calypso doesn’t hide things; they are on full display in her playground (the front yard.) She just digs and finds things and carts them out to the front yard for all to see, things you never knew you had.

I had a mail episode the other day. I went be-bopping out to the mailbox to retrieve the mail and when I opened up the mailbox, a big, black bug came out with the mail. I handled the situation quite rationally. The mail went one way and I went the other! Then, I had to pick it all up before it blew onto the highway. This was after I kicked each piece to make sure the bug was not on it. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE bugs. Let me then, “I HATE bugs!”

Lucy Jr. had an episode the other day too. Daughter and son-in-law are both musicians and graduated from LSU (Go LSU Tigers!) with music degrees. They have tons of musician friends all doing a variety of jobs. On this particular day, they were helping a friend out who is a high school band director. Daughter said one minute she was instructing the kids in the pit (that’s percussion section for all you non-musical folks) and the next, someone was patting her and asking her if she was okay. She was talking one second and the next second was flat on her back with her head split open. Daughter fainted; never saw it coming. She actually fell straight back. It was first thought that she also had a concussion. She was vomiting and couldn’t remember who she was or where she was (wait – I tried that once, didn’t work.)

Son-in-law (yeah Son-in-law – he did good!) took her to the hospital. In the emergency room, she was asked if she wanted staples or stitches. She sat there for a moment and then told them, she was already in enough pain, why would she want to inflict more and was there any more options. She was told superglue. You know how that apple don’t fall far from the tree. She told them glue away. Turns out, Son-in-law had an almost episode too. When the tech starting drawing blood, he was taken out in the hall and given juice because they thought he was going to pass out.

That’s about all the excitement this week. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting a story about the date I had with Hubby on Sunday.

Ya’ll come back now,


Donna ‘Lucy’