Wingless Book Series (book 1) by Holly Hood

Wingless (Wingless Book Series(Book 1)

Wingless Book Series (book 1)

Ebook By Holly Hood
Published: Mar. 15, 2011
Category:  Fiction, Young adult or teen, Sci-Fi & fantasy

About the Book (from Smashwords):

How do you learn to love death when you are so afraid of it? Eve Cardwell is a beautiful, stubborn eighteen year old girl, who is looking for her true self; she is tired of her “Perfect” family and all that comes with being a part of it. Eve literally stumbles upon a mysterious guy new to the area, while drunk in the woods. She soon finds out that the guy she is falling for is like no one she has ever met. Over time he reveals to her that he is the one part of life that she never wanted to meet yet alone fall in love with, and he takes her along for the ride of her life. Although things become chaotic Eve learns more about herself then she ever imagined. Can Eve really learn how to become the person she has always wanted while trying to be in love with the unlovable?

Parental Rating (from Smashwords):

This book contains content that may not be suitable for youngreaders 17 and under.

 Book quotes:

             “…My fear in life was simple – I feared that I would die before I lived. I feared that when I did die, I would have realized that all I was taught was wrong and would be out of luck. …”

“…Everything has a reaction though, so even when you think you’re not doing something, the simplest thing could be what you were meant to do. Sometimes people lived a short time to help others live. life was a crazy ride…”

“…My life lesson was simple. Believe with your heart, fear is real, and no one ever is going to make it out by the skin of their teeth. Death may be scary, but there was one thing that death gave us, and that was blindness to not see it coming until it was too late. And now I believed in everything that I was told I was wrong to believe…”

 My Review:

            What a strange book. A story of love and a story of independence. A story of good choices and a story of bad choices. A story of loss and a story of gain.

            We meet Eve, a headstrong, independent soul longing to live life on her terms. So much like the brother she lost, she longs to leave her controlling “perfect” family behind and strike out on her own. Alone in the woods after a drinking binge with her best friend, she meets Evan. Time reveals even more of the mystery that surrounds him and she is constantly thrown off balance as she traverses down a path unknown.

We follow Eve as she moves in with Evan and spends the next few months of her life learning more about herself than she ever thought possible.

I found the book difficult to follow at times. I felt I was in the middle of one conversation and the next sentence was a different conversation. I do not want to give away any of the contents but I feel this book is better suited for the older YA group than the younger set. There was a great moral aspect to the story in that we are all here for a reason, and just maybe, instead of fearing life, we need to live life. The book was a good read and I recommend it.

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