My Wednesday Musings, May 11, 2011

I am normally very careful with my writing, using spell check and grammar check. Today, I am just writing. This past week has been a busy one. Friday night the grandchildren spent the night. It was supposed to be family movie night; but the minute you say the word “movie”, Cara and Papa fall asleep. I had my first Shrek experience. Andrew and I watched the third movie in the series. I cannot remember when I laughed that much. He was in all of his glory because he could explain the movie characters to his Nana. 

For those of you who have never watched a Shrek movie, it is a play on all of the fairy tales. These are very different personalities. You really must see this movie. You will laugh until you cry. Papa and Cara made it through their bucket of popcorn and their bowl of ice cream and that was the last we heard from them for the rest of the movie.

Saturday morning we were all up early. Andrew wanted to take advantage of an extra morning of chocolate chip pancakes before going home. Papa and I had plans to travel from our home in South Louisiana to visit with friends in Mississippi so we dropped them off at home on the way out.

It took us about two hours to reach our destination and after a hearty lunch, enjoyed a tour of the area. We were very fortunate to see a beautiful part of the state. The evening included mass and family day at a little church in the area and we had the privilege of listening to three young musicians from Lafayette, Louisiana play authentic Cajun music.

Sunday was Mother’s Day; and I think I napped off and on most of the day. So far this week has been our normal schedule of picking up the children in the mornings and having breakfast at “Nana-Hop” as they say, before taking the “Nana-Bus” to school. 

We have a little game we play each morning that the children love. The fact that it is also educational is a bonus. One morning Andrew found a magnetic letter in the car and we invented the game of saying as many words as we could think of that began with that letter. It is truly amazing how many words a six and eight year old know. When I returned home, I began rummaging through the toys, found the remaining letters, and put them in a bag. From that day on, we have taken turns pulling a letter. One of the rules of the game is that we have to be fully through the gate and on the highway before we can say words. They love this because I tell them I can see their brains bursting, waiting to say words. They keep their mouths tightly closed holding the words in until the exact moment and then the dams burst. 

Then, if you do not know a word, you can rhyme the last word said. This week, we added a new rule. You have to spell the first word you say. When we can no longer think of words, we have begun using the dictionary. My thoughts are you can never know too many words. Before that, when there was a lull, I would sing, “I’m Henry the eighth I am” which has become known as the “I” song; as we were doing the letter “I” that day. This, of course, drives Andrew crazy. Always thinking of a way to make the ride more fun, one day I finished with, “Second verse, the same as the first,” and began again. Cara loved this and it has become a tradition.

Ryka and Calypso (my two German Shepherds) provide daily entertainment. Calypso is now four months old. It is so hard to believe that she has been with us that long. Her latest fascination is chasing her tail, which I might add, is driving me crazy. I can look out the window at any time during the day and Ryka is sitting there so lady-like just watching Calypso chase her tail. It has been the first thing I see when I look out in the morning and the last at night before I go to bed. She is making Ryka and I dizzy.

I had a book give away, my first give away, on my blog this week. That was a little anxious for me but I managed okay. I love reading books and I have had a great time reviewing them. I have had many great comments so I think I am on the right track.

That is how my week is shaping up so far. Hope you are having a great week too. Feel free to post your musings. I love hearing from everyone.