Mistakes by A.M.Hayward & L.J.Holder


“Mistakes…Everyone makes them. After all, we’re only human. Some of our mistakes are small, like when you stay up late studying for a test that you end up failing anyway because of 
exhaustion. Others are so catastrophic, they change your life. Forever…”

Mistakes (Mistakes Trilogy)

My Review:

            When I began reading this book, I thought it would be a simple tale of two long-time best friends, Aimee and Maddison (Maddie), seniors in high school going through growing pains. One girl more experienced, and the second falling in love for the first time.
            The authors began the book with the present day and then take the reader back in time as the two friends are making plans to deceive their parents and head off for spring break on Padre Island. As the girls arrive in party town USA, they meet up with a male friend from their hometown. Making their way through the circuit of parties, they end up down a dark beach and things begin to go terribly wrong. The three end up kidnapped and taken across the border into Mexico. Aimee manages to escape, but is forced to leave Maddy behind as she attempts to thwart the kidnappers and go for help.
            Maddie is transferred into a different vehicle where she discovers another body in the trunk with her. Fingers touch and a desperate human connection is made as the two await their fate. Maddie is locked in a dark cell with Dalton McKenny, the second person in the car trunk. The two become friends  as Dalton forces Maddie to tell stories of her family in an effort to help keep her linked to reality in the darkened cell. The two provide each other with the courage it will take if they are to survive their capture.
            The first part of the story ends with Maddie held captive in a crate, as she is shipped to an unknown destination while Dalton is ransomed to his family. At their point of separation, Dalton and Maddie are led to believe that the other is dead.
            The book then shifts from Maddie to Aimee, who has managed to elude her kidnappers. She is spotted lying dehydrated by the Mexican authorities on a deserted Mexican roadside.
            Life is not easy for Aimee as she struggles to re-enter society with the guilt of having left Maddie behind. Her upper-crust mother sees her ordeal as a stepping stone to a Hollywood career and shows little sympathy toward her daughter or Maddie’s family.
            The book ends with Dalton McKenny showing up on the Turner’s front door stoop with a message from Maddie and a vow to obtain justice.
            Reading on a Kindle has an advantage. It takes a little effort to skip to the end of the book, as I was tempted to do on many occasions (I am one of those who has the horrible habit of reading the first and last chapter, and then every word in between.) The only disappointment I had with this book was as I was nearing the end, I realized that either the book was going to have a very fast ending – or I was NOT going to be finding out Maddie’s fate in this book.
            This is fiction that reads like non-fiction; and the story might be one of the headlines we read when we pick up the newspaper today.
            The authors pick you up and drop you down right in the middle of the two young lives where you befriend them, love them, empathize with them, and feel their pain and torment, and then their loss.
            I laughed and then I cried. I was held captive by the words on the pages. The only thing I did not like about the book is that the sequel was not already in my hands to read. It is driving me crazy and I absolutely sit in anticipation for the next book and truly hope the authors will let me review it.
            This book has love, suspense, and drama and I am giving it double thumbs up. If I had more thumbs, it would get more.
 “Trapped” second in the Mistakes series will be out in early 2012.

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