It takes two baby…..

I am going to venture out there and say that only in a southern Louisiana parish are you going to find two deputies directing traffic. That doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary to you. Well, it might, if you witnessed what I witnessed while driving the children to school this bright, sunny, average school morning.

There is an inordinate amount of traffic in a small area these days due to construction. There is an old bridge (which has closed down a major artery for the bayou region), that practically fell apart and is now in the process of being repaired. This bridge just happens to be located across the bayou from my house. Every morning, seven days a week, the pounding of pilings can be heard along with the birds singing in the trees and on the utility wires (which, by the way, why doesn’t the wire electrocute them?)

Then, south of the Intracoastal Waterway, traffic is hampered by the construction on a new bridge (it hopes to alleviate the chaos being created by the construction). The re-routing of the traffic (tractor-trailers heading to Port Fourchon, people who work in Port Fourchon and up and down the Bayou Lafourche, and normal school traffic) that normally flows on two highways is being routed to one very small two-lane highway, otherwise known as Louisiana 1.

And, if that hasn’t created enough headaches, you have to deal with boat traffic closing the bridges on the one highway. It is common for me to sit in my driveway in the morning waiting for a Good Samaritan to let me pull out and join the three miles of traffic to the bridge.

As I headed down Louisiana 1 toward the Intracoastal Waterway Bridge, I approached one of the bridges crossing the bayou. At this bridge was a deputy in the middle of the highway directing traffic. It’s not as if this were unexpected, because without someone directing traffic, no one would make it through the traffic light. What was unexpected was the deputy on the side of the highway (to the back of the deputy) also directing traffic. To further explain he was directing traffic behind the other deputy’s back.

Had this not been a serious catastrophe waiting to happen, it would have made a great “Funniest Video.” You really had to be there to appreciate the comedy. It truly was beyond funny. The cartoon phrase “which way did they go?” with a slight change to “which way do we go?” comes to mind.