It is Official! I am an addict

….a dog addict that is. My house is a mess. The clothes are not folded (they are clean.) The sink is full of dirty dishes. The tub needs scrubbing. My husband needs to be fed. My hair needs washing, (and, are these the same clothes I had on yesterday?) and the floor needs mopping. But, who cares? I am having a ball.

Taking care of a three year old shepherd and a six week old puppy is all consuming, at least if you are me. I go into the garage about 6:30 a.m. where they each have a kennel and the minute I quietly open the door, they sense and see my presence. The little monkey (Calypso) starts hopping around and yelping and Ryka sits up in her kennel. I grab their respective bowls and starting dishing out breakfast.

Ryka Vom Nobleheim

I let Ryka out of her kennel, at which point I am greeted with lots of wet kisses (I love being loved), and we head out to the little pen/yard. I give her breakfast, then close the gate behind me and go back in to get Calypso (who at six weeks is patiently, well not that patiently, waiting to potty.) I grab her bowl of food and she hops along (literally, she has learned to hop/run) and follows me out of the door. She heads out to the grass and does her business (with lots of praise.)

She eats a few bites and then heads over to the little yard to find Ryka. Ryka is more important than eating to her. After only three days, she has learned her way from the back door to the little yard, truly amazing! You can see in the pictures what transpires once she gets there. They play and nip through the fence. The little monkey then runs around and teases Ryka through the fence and they run around playing. It is just the cutest game to watch.

The two girls played together on Saturday, but by Sunday Calypso was getting very frisky and Ryka, a little too comfortable and less careful so for the present time, they can only play through the kennel bars or the fence. They seem quite content with that arrangement so far.

After about thirty minutes of this play, Jeffery comes out and gets Calypso and brings her in the garage to play and eat (he loves this but he’ll never admit it) and Ryka gets her turn to run around. She has become accustomed to a large yard; and she loves playing with the horses next door. Even with all the activity around us (chickens, cows, horses) she winds up on the front porch with me.

Ryka is already very attached to me (and I to her) and she follows me around, never straying more than a few feet. I have been leaving her outside for stretches of time on her own and she always ends up at the front door as Sentry did. I have developed a horrible habit of clomping through the house so she knows where I am (I am so afraid I will find myself clomping somewhere away from home.) If I do not, she runs from front door to back door looking for me. I have even taken to leaving the front window open so I can talk to her.

As I said, I am having the time of my life (and I think my husband, Jeffery, is too) but, the housework needs to be done and the clothes folded. The “children” are napping for the moment so I had better get busy. The next round of potty and playing will be here soon enough!