The Morning Time Stood Still

6/17/2010 As I was walking this morning, as I do most mornings, my thoughts began to wander as they so often do. We’ve all had these moments; a time when our brain is searching for something to think about. Before my mind had time to settle on a topic, a police cruiser zoomed by, racing south on the highway; its sirens jolting me back to the here and now, thus causing me to cringe until…

"The Morning Time Stood Still"

A Love Letter to my Husband

Today is Valentine’s Day and of course, my first thought was of my husband (it could be the snoring alerted me to his presence and that is why he was my first thought.) He truly is my Prince Charming. He literally rode in on a white horse fifteen years ago (his police cruiser was white) in the darkest moment of my life and swept me off my feet. He brushed the tears from my cheeks…

"A Love Letter to my Husband"

Life After Divorce – The Bar Scene – Take 1

I have a friend who is going through a divorce, and she was thinking about going out to a bar with her cousin. She was quite young when she married and expressed curiosity about the whole “going out” bar scene. Just talking to her brought back some funny memories of when I went through my own divorce. I was not interested in the bar scene (was not interested in the man scene), but my sister…

"Life After Divorce – The Bar Scene – Take 1"

The New Additions to our Family

We have two new additions to our family; Ryka and Calypso. Ryka is three years old and Calypso is six weeks old. You’ll be seeing a lot more of them as time goes on. They are already providing material for stories. There are additional pictures on my picture page. Ryka Vom Nobleheim Calypso  

"The New Additions to our Family"

It is Official! I am an addict

….a dog addict that is. My house is a mess. The clothes are not folded (they are clean.) The sink is full of dirty dishes. The tub needs scrubbing. My husband needs to be fed. My hair needs washing, (and, are these the same clothes I had on yesterday?) and the floor needs mopping. But, who cares? I am having a ball. Taking care of a three year old shepherd and a six week old…

"It is Official! I am an addict"